Additions and Corrections to the Printed Songbook

This page lists known missing materials in the printed/PDF Heritage Songbook.

List as of August 25, 2013.

Inside Cover/Dedication:
Dedicated to
my parents
Dorothy and Frederick Waltz

Page 9:
You may find the text too long to sing. In this case, I would suggest singing verses 1-5 and the last verse (“Too late you’ll repent of your desperate crime.”) Also, the end of verse 5 does not scan; a usable correction is “‘Twas there with those three lords she chanced for to meet.”

Page 33, bottom right:
The Battle of Mill Springs took place on Jan. 19, 1862.

Page 51, entry on Red Iron Ore:
After “Forgotten” add “The use of steam barges and tows probably dates the song to the late 1860s or later (Nute, Lake Superior, p. 125).”

Pages 56-57:
Another long song. For a shorter version, sing verses 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12.

Page 62, lower right, entry on Cole Younger:
The text beginning “the three Youngers and Bill Stiles” should read “The three Youngers and Charlie Pitts were spotted near Madelia ad pursued. Pitts was killed in the gunfight….”

Page 69, The Harry Hayward Song:
Note that the correct title of the piece is “The Fatal Ride,” with words by Joseph VIncent Brooks of Brainerd. In the sheet music, second line, the chord on the word “town” should be a “D” rather than an “A,” and so also with the “A” chord o “lay” in the sixth line.

Page 74, The Banks of the Wabash:
In the chorus, the”G” chord on “moon” should probably be a Bm, as should the “D” on “night.” You might also try an A chord rather than a D on “candle.”

2 thoughts on “Additions and Corrections to the Printed Songbook

  1. Lynn Anderson

    p. 46 Hälsa Dem Därhemma issues with Swedish spelling

    1st Swedish verse, line 5 should read
    Efter lång och strävsam dag, ++++note second word (wrong Swedish letter)

    2nd Swedish verse, probably should read (I have not found original to verify but this makes much more sense)
    Hemma står väl ängen grön, ++++note words 3 and 4, (wrong Swedish letters)


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