Uncle Sam’s Farm

(from the Hutchinson Family)

Of all the mighty nations in the East or in the West,
O the glorious Yankee nation is the greatest and the best.
We have room for all creation, and our banner is unfurled,
With a generous invitation to the people of the world.

Then come along, come along, make no delay,
Come from ev’ry nation, come from ev’ry way.
Our lands they are broad enough, don’t be alarmed,
For Uncle Sam is rich enough to give us all a farm.

Our fathers gave us liberty, but little did they dream
The grand results to follow in the mighty age of steam;
Our mountains, lakes, and rivers are now in a blaze of fire,
While we send the news by lightning on the telegraphic wire.

While Europe’s in commotion and her monarchs in a fret,
We’re teaching them a lesson which they never can forget;
And this they fast are learning, Uncle Sam is not a fool,
For the people do their voting and the children go to school.

The brave in every nation are joining heart and hand,
And flocking to America, the real promised land;
And Uncle Sam stands ready with a child upon each arm,
To give them all a welcome to a lot upon his farm.

A welcome warm and hearty do we give the sons of toil,
To come to the West and settle and labor on Free Soil;
We’ve room enough and land enough, they needn’t feel alarm —
O! come to the land of Freedom and vote yourself a farm.

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