Historical Catalog

The table below lists certain important dates in history, and songs in the songbook associated with them, as well as references to the songs (by page to the printed songbook or by link to the relevant spot on the web page or CD-ROM)






1585 Sir Walter Raleigh attempts to found a colony at Roanoke — the first English colony in what is now the United States. It fails. The Merry Golden Tree HTML Page Play MP3
1759 James Wolfe conquers Quebec, bringing Canada (and part of Minnesota) into the British Empire Brave Wolfe Songbook, p. 8 Play MP3 by Curtis & Loretta
1775 Revolutionary War begins Old Granny Wales Songbook, p. 9 Play MP3
1798 The 1798 Irish revolt fails, resulting in many executions and some emigration The Croppy Boy  HTML Page Play MP3
In 1803, Thomas Jefferson, president since 1801, agrees to the Louisiana Purchase from France Jefferson and Liberty Songbook, p. 13 Play MP3
1813 Battle of Lake Erie gives the Americans command of that lake, and in effect of the whole Great Lakes James Bird Songbook, p. 15
1814 Battle of Lundy’s Lane. Americans fail in their last attempt to conquer Canada, but Winfield Scott adds to his reputation Billie Johnson of Lundy’s Lane Songbook, p. 14 Play MP3
1815 Final defeat of Napoleon Boney Songbook, p. 12 Play MP3
1820 Founding of Fort Snelling, which will become the primary miltary United States military post in the Upper Midwest, replacing Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien. Much of the population of the latter moves west. The Maid of Prairie du Chien Songbook, p. 19 Play MP3 by Curtis & Loretta * Play MP3 by RW
1821 Death of Napoleon on Saint Helena Boney on the Isle of Saint Helena  HTML Page Play MP3
Irish potato famine and 1849 rebellion inspires a wave of Irish immigration. Skibbereen Songbook, p. 44 Play MP3
Presidency of James K. Polk. Mexican War. Santa Anna President of Mexico (neither for the first nor the last time). Santy Anno  HTML Page Play MP3
1849 Minnesota becomes a Territory
1849 Gold Rush. The Banks of Sacramento HTML page Play MP3
1850 Height of the search for Sir John Franklin, lost in the quest for the Northwest Passage Lord Franklin HTML Page Play MP3
1853 Ole Bull’s Norwegian colony at Oleana starts to fall apart, with many inhabitants moving to Minnesota and Wisconsin Oleana Songbook, p. 45 Play MP3 by Ross Sutter
1855 First “Show Boat” comes up the Mississippi to Saint Paul Dance, Boatman, Dance Songbook, p. 27 Play MP3
1857 Dred Scott decision reaffirms that slaves are property, and can be transported against their will from place to place Darling Nelly Gray Songbook, p. 30 Play MP3 by Curtis and Loretta
1858 Minnesota Statehood
1860 Loss of the Lady Elgin, one of the greatest Great Lakes tragedies, costing the life of one of the first captains through the “Soo” passage from Lake Superior to the lower lakes Lost on the Lady Elgin Songbook, p. 29
1860 “The British/North America Fight:” The Heenan/Sayers boxing match Heenan and Sayers  HTML Page
1860 Abraham Lincoln receives Minnesota’s first electoral votes on his way to becoming the first Republican president Lincoln and Liberty Songbook, p. 30 Play MP3 by Curtis and Loretta
1861 First Minnesota Regiment formed. First Minnesota Song Songbook, p. 34 Play MP3
1862 Battle of Hampton Roads. The Cumberland and Congress sunk; Virginia fights the Monitor The Cumberland’s Crew  HTML Page Play MP3
1862 Civil War casualties explode at battles such as Shiloh and Antietam. When This Cruel War Is Over Songbook, p. 36 Play MP3 by Curtis and Loretta * Play MP3 by RW
1862 Homestead Act passed. Western lands made available at low prices. Uncle Sam’s Farm Songbook, p. 42 Play MP3 by Curtis and Loretta
1863 Battle of Gettysburg. First Minnesota sacrificed. The Last Fierce Charge HTML Page
1864 Sherman marches to the sea. Marching Through Georgia Songbook, p. 35 Play MP3
1876 Northfield Bank Robbery by the James Gang, Younger Brothers, and others Cole Younger Songbook, p. 68 Play MP3
1878 Death of James Phalen in a logjam on Canada’s Mississippi Rive James Whalen HTML Page Play MP3 by Brian Miller
1882 Death of Northfield robber Jesse James Jesse James Songbook, p. 67 Play MP3 by Curtis and Loretta
1885 Burning of the river steamboat The City of Bayou Sara The Bayou Sara HTML Page Play MP3
Murder of Minneapolis resident Kitty Ging and execution of Harry Hayward for the crime. The Harry Hayward Song Songbook, p. 69

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