(Danish) Den Lille Ole

Printed Songbook, p. 48

Recording by Ross Sutter:

Den lille Ole med paraplyen
Ham kender alle småfolk in byen;
Hver lille pige, hver lille dreng
Han genner skælmsk i sin lille seng.

Dog vil han først paraplyen brede
Og uskylds hygge om lejet sprede;
Så vil i drømme den lille fyr
Fortæller dejlige eventyr.

Han kan fortæller om stjerner klare,
Om himlens hellige engleskare
Og om den yndige, milde fe,
Som alle born vil så gerne se.

Og har om dagen de artig været,
Og kærligt fader og moder æret,
Da kan så glade til sengs’ de gå
Og drømmer sødt om Gud’s engle små.


The little Ole with his umbrella,
Children all know him, the friendly fellow.
He comes unseen, making no noise;
He puts to bed all the girls and boys.

His strange umbrella he spreads above them,
It’s full of pictures, and children love them.
And when the children to dreamland sail,
He tells them many nursery tales.

He tells of ships with stars to guide them,
And of the winds that help us sail them,
Of fairies dancing so merrily,
That children look for but never see.

And all the children who mind their mothers
And always try to be good to others
Shall under Ole’s umbrella hear
Sweet spirit voices so soft and clear.

When night is over and day is breaking,
With rosy cheeks and smiles they awaken.
A kiss for mother and also for dad,
And thanks to Ole for the dreams they had.

1 thought on “(Danish) Den Lille Ole

  1. Kathleen

    I woke up this morning and started singing this song that I learned at camp about 70 years ago. How nice to find it here. Thank you.


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