(Swedish) Hälsa Dem Därhemma (Greet the Folks at Home)

(Words by Charles Bengtsson, music by Elith Worsing.)

Printed songbook, p. 46.

Recording by Ross Sutter:

I den stora tysta natt,
Står jag här vid skeppets ratt,
Under himlens stjärnehär,
Man på post mig satt.
Efter läng och strävsam dag,
Hör jag fjärran vingeslag,
Svalors flock, som åter går,
Mot nord, mot ljus, mot vår.

Hälsa dem därhemma, hälsa far och mor,
Hälsa gröna hagen, hälsa lille bror,
Om jag hade vingar, flöge jag med dig,
Svala, flyg mot hemmet, hälsa ifrån mig.

Lilla svala, fastän svag,
Dag och natt, och natt och dag,
Förer dig til målet fram
Snabba vingeslag.
Svala, tänk också på mig,
Gärna flöge jag med dig,
Hemma står väl ängen grön,
O, svala, hör min bön.

Stars above are shining bright,
Gleaming on the waves tonight,
While on the ship I sail from home;
I remember, though I roam!
High above I see them fly,
Swallows flitting through the sky,
Heading for the land I love —
The land from which I rove.

Greet my family at home;
Greet my father there,
And my dear old mother,
My love with golden hair.
If I had wings of a swallow,
I’d fly across the sea;
Go home, little swallow,
Greet them all for me.

Hard times forced me from my land;
All I own is in my hand;
The thoughts of those I’ve left behind
Come ever to my mind.
Little swallow, fly for me,
Fly back home across the sea,
Take my message back to them
I had to leave at home.

20 thoughts on “(Swedish) Hälsa Dem Därhemma (Greet the Folks at Home)

  1. Patti Beyer

    Thank you so much for your recordings. I have been looking for Greet the Folks Back Home to give to the education coordinator of the Swedish-American Museum in Chicago. They have a beautiful piano there in the museum and I think it would be such a perfect activity to play and teach this song to help children understand immigration. The coordinator’s name is Stacey Nyman and if you have any other suggestions, I know she would so appreciate them! As a second grade teacher, I use music to help children connect emotionally to big topics. What a beautiful song! They will never look at a swallow again as anything other than a messenger of greeting and hope and love.

  2. Dianne

    My mother use to play this song on the piano to me as a child. I have been looking all over for it!
    I’d love to know where to find the sheet music to it. can you give me any direction?

    1. RBW Post author

      It depends on what you mean by “sheet music.” I have not seen the original sheet music. The English words usually sung in Minnesota (which I don’t personally think are very good) are by Anne-Charlotte Harvey and can be found in Mike Sevig and Else Sevig’s “Mike & Else’s Swedish Songbook” (2003), which is easily found in online book sites.


        My Name is David Lundin, 4206 East Haverill Drive, Saint Joseph Missouri. while going through some of my Grandfathers things I came across the sheet Music for “Halsa der darhemma” ;Sjunges av Wilhelm Julinder. the copyright date is 1922. the cover page has a picture of a young sailor looking up towards the sky. Granddad came over from Sweden in 1914 at the age of 17. His passage was on the HMS Transylvania. I still have his boarding pass and a picture of him taken right before he left Sweden for America.

  3. Dennis

    Brings tear to my eye, thinking of my Grandparents who left Sweden in 1892 to never return for a visit. More to my knowledge any descendants have.

  4. Carol Diehl

    Beautiful melody and voice. Sad words, but sweet.
    My grandfather was from Sweden and my grandmother ‘s parents.

    1. RBW Post author

      The version in the Heritage Songbook can be gotten by downloading the Heritage Songbook PDF. For other versions, read through the previous comments; the question has already been answered.

  5. Marcia Ambruson Ciak

    Learned this song when I was young from my grandmother, but never knew the meaning. Wonderful and meaningful.

  6. Linda

    My mother had breast cancer before her 50th birthday. On her 50th my dad gave her a party in his bar. Walter Erickson played his accordion and she sang this song, I have the photo…..I never knew anything could sound so sweet. My mom died two years later…..

  7. Carol Hanes

    Thank you, so much for this recording. I’ve been searching for it for a long time. The melody has been passed down in our family now four generations and stayed true to the original. It’s been hummed as a lullaby. Now we have the words and understand it’s significance to Hannah who immigrated to the USA in the late 1800’s.

  8. Skip

    I’ve been looking for this song for a long time, thank you for posting. I last heard it at my grandmother’s funeral 23 years ago, and I’ve searched high and low on melody alone.


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