(Norwegian) Oleana

(by Ditmar Meidell, 1853)

Printed Songbook, p. 45

Recording by Ross Sutter:

Ole Bull, violinist - NARA - 528481

Ole Bull, violinist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Oleana der er det godt at være,
i Norge vil jeg inte Slavelænken bære!

Ole Oleana, Ole Oleana,
Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Oleana,

I Oleana der faar jeg Jord for Intet,
af Jorden voxer Kornet, — og det gaar gesvint det.

Hej Markedsgang! Poteterne skulde Du se, Du,
der brændes mindst en Pot af hvereneste en Du.

Aa brunstegte Grise de løber om sa flinke
aa forespør sig høfligt om Nogen vil ha’ Skinke.

As Kjørene dem melker aa kjærner aa yster
liksaa naturlig som Else, mi Syster.

Aa Maanen hver Aften er fuld — det er sikkert.
Jeg ligger just aa ser paa’n med Flaska tel Kjikkert.

Ja to Daler Dagen det faar Du for at svire
aa er Du rektig doven, saa kanska Du faar fire.

Ja regs til Oleana, saa skal Du vel leve,
de fattigste Stymper herover er Greve!

Oh Oleana, That’s where I’d like to be,
Not bound in Norway, where they live in slavery.

Oh, Oleana, Oh, Oleana,
Oh, Ole, Oh, Ole, Oh, Oleana!

In Oleana, life is easy, land they just give away
The grain plants and cuts itself, all you do is sit and wait.

The potatoes in the market are the biggest you have ever seen;
All you need is one of them to make a quart of whisky.

Little roasted piggies rush all about in the streets,
There they will ask you if some ham you’d like to eat.

The cows milk themselves for you, and make the cheese much better
Than anyone you ever knew, except Else my sister.

If you stay up very late, you’ll see the full moon every night.
Use a bottle for a telescope: It is an amazing sight!

They give you money every day — two dollars to sit more and more
But if you’re extra lazy, I bet they’ll even give you four.

So if you really want to live, go to Oleana rare.
Every bum in Norway can be a count when over there!

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