Other Books by Robert B. Waltz

You can download the 2008 PDF version of the Minnesota Heritage Songbook here. Robert Waltz, the editor of the Heritage Songbook, also authored these books:

    • Harry Potter’s Folklore World: On Myth and Magic. A nearly-comprehensive guide to the legends and lore J. K. Rowling used in creating the Harry Potter universe. Compiled to my usual nitpicky standards, but designed to be easy to read and fun. Want to know what Dobby the House Elf has in common with Robin Hood? Why Harry’s Patronus really had to be a stag? Why the guy who bred the Basilisk must have flunked his Greek class? It’s all here. Published by Loomis House Press, and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Alibris, or if you want to see it in a bookstore, Micawber’s Books in Saint Paul. Dedicated to Sarah Cagley.
    • Romancing the Ballad: How Orpheus the Minstrel Became Sir Orfeo. My life’s work, a study of how a legend became a medieval romance became a ballad, and how this affects our understanding of literature and folk song. In the original legend of Orpheus and Euridice, the ending is sad; in the romance, the ending is happy. This fact tells us much about the folk process. Print book, now available from Loomis House Press and Camsco Music. Dedicated to Elizabeth (Elisheva) Rosenberg. 
    • The Gest of Robyn Hode, text and translation. The “Gest” is the earliest major writing about Robin Hood — although it tells a tale very different from that found in most modern retellings. This version attempts to produce a more accurate text of the long-lost original; it also provides a modernized parallel. Print book, available from Loomis House Press and Camsco Music. Dedicated to Martha Galep.
    • The Gest of Robyn Hode: A Critical and Textual Commentary. A companion to the preceding, adding much historical background. Available only as an e-book — but it’s free. Dedicated to Patricia Rosenberg. Download the PDF here, or a a ZIP file with RTF and EPUB (electronic book) versions.
    • The Bible in History. A study of the history, folklore, and occasionally even the mathematics underlying the Bible. A sort of dictionary of scholarly material you likely won’t find elsewhere. Free download. Dedicated to Elizabeth (Elisheva) Rosenberg, Patricia Rosenberg, and Catie Jo Pidel. Download the PDF here, or a ZIP file with RTF and EPUB (electronic book) versions.
    • An Introduction to Braid Scots. A short vocabulary of Braid Scots, the language of the ordinary people of Scotland, as illustrated especially by their folk songs. Includes a brief introduction, a vocabulary of about a thousand words, and a history of the language. Free download. Dedicated to Mollie Spillman. Download it here.
    • The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism. This is a PDF based on the contents of a web site I’ve been working on for decades. I do not believe I will ever entirely finish it. But I wanted to make it available. Textual criticism is the process of recovering an ancient document from late and corrupt manuscript copies; New Testament Textual Criticism consists of trying to figure out what the New Testament originally said before scribes messed it up. Dedicated to Dr. Sally Amundson and Dr. Carol Elizabeth Anway and Lily. This version, from July 20, 2013, will probably be the last; the file is almost too large to edit. Download the the PDF here or a ZIP file with RTF and EPUB (electronic book) versions.
    • Trouthe Is the Highest Thing. An examination of the virtue of “trouthe” in the romances of Geoffrey Chaucer, particularly the Clerk’s Tale, the Knight’s Tale, the Wife of Bath’s Tale, and the Franklin’s Tale. It is my opinion that this virtue, now almost forgotten, was one that Chaucer either experienced or at least witnessed, possibly in an autistic person, and wished others to adopt. First edition released December 30, 2013; Revised Version released January 27, 2014. Dedicated to Barb Edson, Mathea Bulander, Dorothy and Frederick Waltz, and Aurora Adams. Download the PDF here or a ZIP file with RTF and EPUB (electronic book) versions.

The Minnesota Heritage Songbook itself does not have a dedication, due to lack of space in the original printed version, but is dedicated to my parents, Dorothy and Frederick Waltz. A forthcoming book on folklore and the Harry Potter series is dedicated to Sarah Cagley.

You can also download The Traditional Ballad Index software here. We have software for iPad, PC/Windows (Windows 7.0 or higher), and Macintosh (OS X 10.6 or higher). You can also download the Instructions.

You can also download PDF and EPUB (electronic book) of the electronic books at www.free-ebooks.net. (Feel free to do so; it boosts my download statistics.) And most of them should also be on Google Books.

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