(Finnish) Pium Paum/Kehto Laulu

(Finnish Lullaby)

Printed songbook, p. 71.

Recording by John Berquist:

English recording by RW:

Pium paum, kehto heilahtaa,
Ja lapsi viatonna uinahtaa
Pium paum, Äiti laulahtaa,
Kun sydänkäpyänsä tuudittaa.

Pium paum, viulu vingahtaa,
Ja nuoret karkelohon kiiruhtaa.
Pium paum, Onni häilyää,
Se tuopi valoa ja pimeää.

Pium paum, Keran kajataa,
Tuo kylmä kirkonkello ilmoitaa,
Pois pois, henki vaeltaa,
Ja ruumis mullan alla kajan saa.

Pium paum, the cradle starts
To rock the little baby in the cart
Pium paum, her mother’s art
Will guard the little treasure of her heart.

Pium paum, the fiddles play;
Their music sweet tells of the passing days.
Dance, child, and take time to play,
Seek love and laughter now while you may.

Pium paum, the day will come
When death will take you to your final home.
And you will lie in the loam,
So enjoy the day and fill your heart with song.

3 thoughts on “(Finnish) Pium Paum/Kehto Laulu

  1. Raita Pyhälä

    I was happy to find and hear this song which my mother used to sing in the 1940s for me. Could you please correct some of the words in the lyrics in the last strophe like this:
    Pium paum, kerran kajahtaa
    tuo kylmä kirkonkello ilmoittaa,
    pois, pois henki vaeltaa
    ja ruumis mullan alla majan saa.

    When I hear the singer, I guess she has not spoken/heard Finnish for a long time. Nevertheless I than her for this song.

  2. RBW Post author

    John Berquist is a singer of Scandinavian songs, but Finnish is not his primary language, so there may be errors. But the text given here is what was given with the recording.

    The text is not the same as that collected by Marjorie Edgar on the Iron Range and printed in Joyce E. Hakala’s The Rowan Tree. That version is not only different but longer. So your words may well be authentic. But I think I have to respect what the performer reports.

  3. Pat

    My niece recently played thus on her accordion for my sister’s funeral. I had not heard the tune since I was a child. It brought tears and memories back.


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