We’ve finally done it!

We’ve finally done it! Welcome to our completely redesigned Minnesota Heritage Songbook web site. You can still download the Heritage Songbook. You can also listen to all the recordings found on the project. There are many songs not included in the printed songbook. And you can now find about 90% of the text of the printed songbook online, mostly on the Songs menu. Also, you can find several other books by Robert Waltz; look on the More… menu or click here.

3 thoughts on “We’ve finally done it!

  1. Chris Paschen

    I’ve had the great honor of working with Robert on the web hosting of this project over the past couple years. I’m excited to see the ‘songbook’ move into this new format. This is a great resource for those of us who call MN home and esp. those of us who work in the arts or education.
    Be sure to encourage other MN artists and educators to visit the site and use some of these great resources in your performances, rehearsals and classrooms!

  2. Janet McConnaughey

    Thank you both! I just found this site, looking for “C’est l’Aviron,” and was delighted that I could download the whole book.

    Is the English translation to “C’est l’Aviron” yours?


    1. RBW Post author

      The translation is from Edith Fowke’s various Canadian songbooks. It is not attributed; this may well mean that she translated it herself, but I don’t know.


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