Another Irrelevant New Book

English: Alice Liddel and ferns: this was publ...

Alice Liddell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another new book now available under “Other Books by Robert B. Waltz” on the “More” menu. The new free download, Alice’s Evidence, replaces the earlier Looking Autism in the Face. The new book is a more orderly examination of Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and his friendship with Alice Liddell, as well as the autism of J. R. R. Tolkien, Stephen Foster, Isaac Newton, James A. Garfield, and Marie Curie. It is intended as a discussion of the curious phenomenon of autistic friendships. Nothing to do with music, but a lot to do with me….

2 thoughts on “Another Irrelevant New Book

  1. Sara Amini

    Dear Robert,
    I’m from Iran. I have a boy who is an autistic child and his name is Michael.I would like to translate a book with subject of autism. I will translate your book into Persian Language if you allow me. I want to know about you more and more.You are a great honor for all nations. If it is possible, leave me a message please.
    Best Wishes, Sara

    1. RBW Post author

      This site is copyrighted but the only right we reserve is that its content not be modified; you may translate as long as the translation is accurate. :-) Please understand: I am autistic, and I think Stephen Foster was autistic, but we cannot prove it. If you are looking for inspirational stories about people with autism, there are better places than this.


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