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Yet another new book

Portrait of Lewis Carroll: This was first publ...

Early portrait of Charles Dodgson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Completely irrelevant to the Heritage Songbook, but I’ve posted one more new book, this one about autism — and about Lewis Carroll, which is probably more interesting. Look on the “More” menu for “Other books….” It also contains sections on J. R. R. Tolkien, Isaac Newton, and Stephen Foster, all of whom showed significant autistic traits. But the single largest focus is on Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson, and how his autism helps explain the curious nature of his relationship with Alice Liddell.

We’ve finally done it!

We’ve finally done it! Welcome to our completely redesigned Minnesota Heritage Songbook web site. You can still download the Heritage Songbook. You can also listen to all the recordings found on the project. There are many songs not included in the printed songbook. And you can now find about 90% of the text of the printed songbook online, mostly on the Songs menu. Also, you can find several other books by Robert Waltz; look on the More… menu or click here.

New Songs!

All the songs in the Minnesota Heritage Songbook project are now available on this site. All the song descriptions on the Heritage Songbook CD-ROM have now been posted on the menu “The Songs.” Also, you can download the entire set of sixty-odd MP3 recordings on the Download All the Songs item on the Performances menu. And we have MIDI files of all the songs, even the ones for which there are no recordings. 86 MIDI files in all, which you can grab using the Download MIDI Files item.

New Ways to Get the Heritage Songbook

If you have been looking for a place to download the Minnesota Heritage Songbook, we’re setting up two new ways! We are uploading the original PDF version of the songbook to and to Google Books. Look for the free-ebooks version around May 15 and the Google Books version some time in June. You can also download it here.